Weight Matters

With Dr. Louis Aronne and Dr. Katherine Saunders
Episode 11

The Relationship Between Diabetes and Obesity

Episode 12

The Road Ahead: The Future of Obesity Medicine

Episode 08

Predatory Diet Industry – The “Hoax” Is In

Weight Matters

About the Weight Matters podcast

Roughly 74% of the US population is overweight or has obesity. Despite its prevalence and dire health consequences, the disease of obesity is largely misunderstood. Weight Matters is hosted by one of the foremost pioneers in the rapidly growing field of obesity medicine, Dr. Louis Aronne, and his colleague and fellow co-founder of Intellihealth, Dr. Katherine Saunders. Weight Matters offers an expert perspective on the underlying science of obesity, the myriad impacts it has on our health, society and psychology, how we can tackle the epidemic and the urgency of what will happen if we don’t.