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Healthier Employees Drive Healthier Business

Organizations partner with Flyte to deliver effective weight management to improve the health of their people and their bottom line.

Excess weight is hurting your employees and driving up your healthcare costs.

Roughly 75% of the US adult population has obesity or overweight and employers are paying the price.

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Annual cost to employers for employees with excess weight and obesity​

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Average medical claims amounts for employees with obesity vs healthy weight

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Annual cost to employers of absenteeism for employees with excess weight and obesity

Flyte guides employees to better health, lowering healthcare costs for businesses.

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Patients who lose 10-35% of body weight in first 12 months

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Average annual healthcare savings per employee​

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ROI per employee​

Flyte helps lower employee healthcare costs associated with...

A Comprehensive Approach That Leads Employees To Success

Flyte’s unique combination of expert clinical care and Evolve’s technology empowers people to achieve significant, long-term weight loss with:

Flyte will make your employee feel understood, supported and ready to achieve what they never thought possible.

Flyte Medical clinical services are used in conjunction with Intellihealth Evolve, the premier digital weight management platform.