Ozempic and Body Composition

Does weight loss using Ozempic lead to loose skin? “I have some patients who have virtually no loose skin after losing more than 100 pounds and others who have significant loose skin after losing less weight,” says Dr. Katherine Saunders. Read more at Town & Country

Weight and Fertility

Weight management during fertility treatments is challenging, but not impossible Dr. Katherine Saunders addresses the relationship between weight and fertility and the challenges many women face when trying to get pregnant while managing excess weight. Read more at Medika.life

Dr. Saunders Talks About Weight and Health on The Lisa Show

Intellihealth co-founder joins podcast to address body image and its relationship to weight and health Katherine Saunders joins BYU Radio’s Lisa Valentine Clark’s body image series to shed light on the science behind obesity and being healthy Listen to the podcast

PlanSource Adds Intellihealth to Partner Marketplace

PlanSource logo

Intellihealth weight-management program available as part of employee benefit package PlanSource added Intellihealth and 12 other companies to join its marketplace of “a curated list of best-fit partners designed to maximize HR and broker efficiency, employee engagement and plan participation.” Read more

Intellihealth Named to NY Digital Health 100

New report recognizes companies that make New York the hub of healthcare innovation The 6th annual New York Healthcare Innovation Report celebrates the most innovative health startups in the New York region. Download the full report here

Dr. Saunders Discusses Probiotics and Weight Loss

Jars of food with a potential link to probiotics and gut health

Women’s Health article shines light on probiotics and weight loss Probiotics may improve health, but do they help patients lose weight? Dr. Katherine Saunders talked to Women’s Health about the relationship between our gut microbiome and attempts at weight loss. Read more at Women’s Health

Dr. Aronne Speaks with Katie Couric about New Antiobesity Meds

Katie Couric and Dr. Louis Aronne discuss antiobesity medications on Instagram Live

An Instagram Live discussion of the use, misuse, and abuse of antiobesity meds In his Instagram Live debut, Dr. Louis Aronne was interviewed by Katie Couric about the antiobesity meds Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, as well as who is (and who isn’t) a good candidate for these kinds of medications. Watch the interview here

Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss

Weight loss study finds calorie restriction more effective than intermittent fasting and a photo of a meal on a blue table

Is intermittent fasting an effective weight loss method? Total caloric intake, rather than the time period in which people eat, seems to be the primary driver of weight loss or gain, says Dr. Katherine Saunders. Read more at Medical News Today

JIB Medical Lighten Up! Program

Medical benefit to union members offers weight-management services Dr. Michael Makover discusses JIB’s medical benefits, including the Lighten Up! weight-management program that uses Intellihealth’s Evolve software. Read the article at Electrical Union World

WBL Member Spotlight: Dr. Katherine Saunders

Quote from Katherine Saunders in WBL December Spotlight.

WBL focuses spotlight on Dr. Saunders for December 2022 Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation (WBL) featured Dr. Katherine Saunders as their December member of the month. In her spotlight, Dr. Saunders discusses her combined roles of entrepreneur and physician and her goals for 2023.