Ozempic for Teens

It’s about the risk-benefit analysis, says Dr. Saunders While more research that includes teenagers needs to be done, semaglutide can be an effective way for young people who have struggled to lose weight shed pounds and improve other weight-related health conditions. Read more at Healthline

Intellihealth Achieves HITRUST Certification

HITRUST Essentials, 1-year (e1) Certification validates Intellihealth is committed to foundational cybersecurity controls Intellihealth announced that their Evolve platform residing at US-WEST-1 (Data Center) has earned certified status by HITRUST for foundational cybersecurity. Read the entire press release

Wegovy’s Cardio Benefits Put Pressure on Employers

Health benefits prompt employers to cover expensive meds Early findings from a study by Novo Nordisk found that Wegovy can decrease the risk of cardiovascular events by 20%, which is causing some large employers to take a look at adding AOMs to their coverage. With Intellihealth, the state of Connecticut has started a program for […]

Obesity: Biology, not Willpower

Ozempic and other AOMs settle the debate The effectiveness of Ozempic, Wegovy, and other anti-obesity medications seems to have settled disagreements about whether excess weight is due to a lack of willpower or basic biology. “What these drugs have proven is that patients are right: It’s not their fault,” said Dr. Louis Aronne.  Read more […]

Connecticut Covers Obesity Treatment for Employees

Partnership with Intellihealth creates access for State Health Plan Members Connecticut state employees and their family members who are eligible for obesity treatment will now have their treatment covered with Flyte Medical services, Intellihealth’s clinical services affiliate. Read more at Hartford Courant

Semaglutide: Risks, Side Effects, and More

Dr. Saunders lays down the facts for Forbes Health What is semaglutide? Is it good for weight loss? What are the side effects and what makes someone a good candidate? Dr. Katherine Saunders answers these questions and more for Forbes Health. Read more at Forbes Health

Can Employers Afford to Cover Obesity Treatment?

As costs for AOMs increase, large employers are finding ways to continue coverage Large institutions know how effective anti-obesity medications are, but the prohibitive cost of many AOMs is forcing some to reduce or eliminate coverage. The State of Connecticut found another option: partner with Intellihealth to cover obesity treatment and medications for its employees […]

Should You Pause Ozempic Before Surgery?

The American Society of Anesthesiologists says “yes” Dr. Louis Aronne tells ABC News it’s perfectly OK to stop temporarily if patients have an upcoming surgery. Patients should, of course, defer to the advice of their own providers. Read more at ABC News

Mounjaro for Weight Loss

Can Diabetes Medication Help Patients Shed Pounds? Given the tie between excess weight and type 2 diabetes, a medication that regulates insulin and helps patients lose weight could be doubly beneficial. “Mounjaro targets the areas of the brain (such as the hypothalamus) that control appetite and influence eating decisions, which may further assist with weight […]

Flyte Partners with RiverSpring Living to Offer Employee Wellness Plans

Clinically proven approach helps individuals achieve and maintain weight goals Intellihealth is partnering with RiverSpring Living to provide the organization’s employees with customized wellness plans aimed at helping them achieve and maintain a healthy weight through the use of Evolve and Flyte Medical. Read the full press release at Business Wire