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The Intellihealth Origin Story

When Dr. Louis Aronne founded the Comprehensive Weight Control Center (CWCC) at Weill Cornell in 1986, he was one of the first to treat obesity as a chronic disease. Years later, a young doctor found herself ill prepared to treat the underlying cause of many of her patients’ conditions. She knew that many of her patients with diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain would benefit from weight loss, but she lacked the training and knowledge to help them shed excess weight and keep it off.

That doctor, Katherine Saunders, would become Dr. Aronne’s first fellow in obesity medicine at Weill Cornell, and she has been helping patients with obesity lead healthier lives ever since. But even as Dr. Saunders’ expertise and experience grew (along with the roster of providers at the CWCC), the number of patients in need of obesity treatment continued to exceed the ability to deliver it to them all. Patients often had to wait months to get an appointment.

This chasm between supply and demand isn’t unique to the CWCC. Frustrated with long wait times and an inability to help more patients get the care they need, Drs. Aronne and Saunders teamed up with Sloan Saunders (Katherine’s husband) to create a company that would combine their clinical expertise with tech-enabled tools to scale obesity treatment beyond their clinic. That company became Intellihealth.

With Evolve, Intellihealth scales obesity treatment by empowering providers with tech-enabled tools, including virtual care platforms that incorporate telehealth, clinical decision support, remote patient monitoring, online education tools, and medical treatment approaches that are personalized for every patient

For IDNs and employers who want to offer their people an effective weight loss solution backed by the services of expert metabolic health specialists, Flyte Medical provides MDs, NPs, and dietitians to medically treat obesity and excess weight.

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